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Software application used to interface 3rd party PACS with ZKTeco biometric readers

with optional Body Temperature & Mask Detection,

Monitoring & Reporting

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What is BioPack?

BioPack software allows security professionals to quickly and easily interface ZKTeco Pro Series biometric readers with 3rd party PACS.

Especially since COVID-19 becoming so prevalent in society, customers are now turning to touchless technology to lessen the likelihood of spreading germs amongst co-workers & visitors.


Touchless face & palm recognition technology is an excellent alternative to using traditional lock & key, card, and fingerprint-based door access systems since no physical contact is needed.

Touchless face & palm recognition readers from ZKTeco are hygienic, fast-matching and highly secure.

Besides providing seamless integration, BioPack can also generate real-time reports and notifications when people are detected having elevated body temperature or not wearing a face mask.

Fast & Simple Installation

BioPack can be installed on the same server as the customer's existing access control software. Once installed & configured, BioPack automatically connects to the customer's access control database and downloads the customer employees' user profiles which include their name, user ID, badge number and face photo. BioPack then automatically converts the photos to biometric templates and uploads the data to all the biometric readers on the network.

Benefits Derived from BioPack



Monitors & reports upon elevated

body-temperature and if masks aren't worn



BioPack runs in the background on the access control server



Supports all ZKTeco Pro Series biometric readers
(including SpeedFace+)

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All data is stored on the local server inside the customer's network

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