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What Is BioPack?

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BioPack software is designed to interface 3rd party PACS with ZKTeco biometric readers.


BioPack interfaces ZKTeco biometric readers which can store & match users' face, palms & fingerprints, in addition to detecting elevated body temperature and if a person is wearing a face mask.

Solution: Production

System Architecture

BioPack is typically installed on the 3rd party PACS server and syncs cardholders to BioPack.

Then the card #, username and photo is uploaded to the biometric readers on the network. When the readers identify a user, the badge number is sent to the 3rd party panel via Wiegand output.  The panel, then unlocks the door depending on the user's access rights.


The users temperature and mask detection is communicated to BioPack via TCP/IP. BioPack uploads the users' temperature & mask record via TCP/IP for reporting and notification purposes. 

What is BioPack capable of?

User Management

BioPack continuously and automatically synchronizes user data between OnGuard and the biometric readers on the network.

Biometric Reader Integration

BioPack supports biometric readers capable of recognizing user's faces, palms, fingerprints,

prox cards, and/or PINs. 

Body Temperature Detection

Body-temperature and mask detection records are stored in the BioPack database, and automatically uploaded to Lenel OnGuard. 


BioPack monitors & reports upon users' having elevated body-temperature or not wearing a mask


BioPack continuously runs in the background on the OnGuard server


BioPack supports a variety of biometric readers 

Saves Time

Installation and setup

is fast & simple. Often users do not need to be re-enrolled


All data is stored on the customer's local server


Automatic and scheduled database backup

Compatible Readers

Biometric Readers with Body Temperature + Mask Detection

SF1008-T+ body temperature reader








inPulse+ Biometric Reader




Software Specifications

Software Name: BioPack-LNL

Realtime Monitoring & Reporting: Body Temperatre & Mask Detection

Software Integration: OnGuard v7.5 and v7.6

Biometrics Supported: Face, Fingerprint, Finger-vein and Palm

Automatic Biometric Template Synchronization

Supported Card Bit-Formats: Wiegand 26 and Legend ID 66

Commissioning Tool: For reader configuration and firmware updates

BioPack Spec Sheet Available for Download

Want to save information on BioPack or share with a colleague? Download our spec sheet here.

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